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All travel and medical insurance plans are administered by Seven Corners Inc. Whether you need
cover for 5 days or 5 years, you can find the right insurance plan for you. As well as short term and
long term travel and medical insurance, You can also find ANNUAL MULTI TRIP travel insurance, and
special medical insurance for visitors or immigrants to the USA (from 5 days to 5 years).

Popular Insurance Plans

Our Insurance plans cater for ALL NATIONALITIES: such as USA citizens living abroad or just traveling
abroad as well as Non USA Citizens (including students) travelling ANYWHERE outside their home
country including visiting or working in the USA.

Travel Medical Insurance
Cover for US Citizens traveling overseas as well as Foreign Nationals Travelling ANYWHERE

Liaison International Insurance
Liaison International

This plan is best for travelers away from their fixed and permanent residence for 187 days or less.

This plan will pay for new illnesses / new injuries more
Liaison Continent Insurance
Liaison Continent

For travelers away from their fixed and permanent residence for up to 187 days, Multiple Co Insurers.

Must purchase within 3 months of arrival in more
USA Immigrant Medical Insurance
Inbound Immigrant USA Medical Insurance

This plan is best for new or recent immigrants to the United States who are Non-US citizens

Available from 5 days up to 5 years more
Round Trip Travel Insurance
Round Trip Travel Insurance

For Travelers primarily concerned with insuring the non-refundable deposits of their trip.

Emergency Evacuation, Medical, Baggage Cover more

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